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Harmony Corruption

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  • This review is well and truly late as this album has been around a long time. Metal is not the same as it once was Harmony Corruption will stand in time as a great example of death metal. If you want a gutsy industrial sound that only the likes of poms such as Napalm and Carcass can manage this is one of the best. With chunky churning riffs, tub thumping from hades and Barney’s soothing growls this is a ride worth taking from start to finish. The songs blend in to one album long story rather than just being track 1, track 2 etc in a way which works well and seems to suit this album. Favourites however include Unfit Earth with snarls that sound pleasant and timely, Suffer the Children and The Chains That Bind Us which reaches a crecendo with the line “the chains that bind us grooow strooonger”. All in all Napalm’s best easily.

    Posted on December 24, 2009