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  • Just when you thought Hatebreed couldn’t get any louder and heavier, they crank out their best album yet! Hatebreed’s self titled release combines everything you love about hatebreed and puts it all together again. I own every Hatebreed album they have released and while I was disappointed with there last album which was a cover album called “For The Lions”, which had them changing their style to fit the other bands who did the songs Hatebreed covered. On thier fifth release self titled album they continue the Hatebreed tradition and provide better lyrics and raise the intensity. These guys sound better than ever and show you that they are unstoppable when it comes to hardcore metal.

    If you liked their other albums you will love this one. It sounds like Hatebreed on steriods and louder than ever. Thank you Hatebreed for your best album with fresh lyrics and that powerful hardcore style.

    Posted on March 9, 2010