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  • Hatebreeder has cemented itself in my top 5 favorite albums largely because of the ultra melodic styling of the leads played by Laiho. The music comes across as heavy and aggressive but there are great melodies over top from the guitar and the keys. The cover of Aces High is a pretty great “blackened” version of the Maiden favorite. This album represents a style that has started disappearing in more recent Bodom work which still features shred but doesn’t have as many complex melodies as this album does. You can find a lot of melodies that are reminiscent of melodies you might find in concert/”classical” music. No Bodom fan should be without it, any guitar fan should at least listen to it. Memorable tracks include “Silent Night, Bodom Night”, “Toward Dead End” (renamed on this re-release “Cowards Dead End”), and “Downfall”. Of course if you’re one of those that can’t get past the screaming, then you’re not going to like it anyway. I encourage you to at least give it a shot.

    Posted on January 8, 2010