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  • This is one band that gets a really bad wrap that do not deserve it. I will be the first to admit their lyrics and vocals are pretty bad, but the music is right on point. There is so much neo-classical shredding on this album, and it really does help give it a pretty unique kind of flavor. The keyboards fit well due to the guitar sound being somewhat thin. “Cowards Dead End” is a personal favorite and has a neo-classical inspired solo fest for the last minute. “Bed of Razors” seamlessly incorporates the keyboards into the song to create another favorite. There is not one bad song on here, some just better then others. There is a certain degree of cheese to this album, but its all par for the course. This is where they really had something fun and exciting to contribute to the metal world, they have since become increasingly irrelevant with every passing album.

    Posted on January 8, 2010