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  • I own 4 of Chris Barne’s CDs. (Tomb Of The Mutilated, The Bleeding, Haunted, and Alive and Dead). I’d say this CD would be tied for the 2nd best out of all of these. Mostly because of Allen West, and now you can actually hear the f*ckin vocals, before (on CC albums) it was so low pitched i couldnt tell if he was singing or if it was amp feedback.

    The bad thing about this album though is that, like every chris barne’s cd, sounds very repitive, i’ve been listening to the cd and its track 6, and it sounds like 1 long song.

    None the less, Tomb Of The Mutilated and The Bleeding were good albums.

    Tomb Of The Mutilated having about 5 killer songs and 4 repetive songs

    and The Bleeding having about 7 killer songs and a couple repetive songs

    so anyway

    if you want some kickass death metal, get death or obituary and things of that sort

    if you want good/decent death metal , then this is for you.

    Posted on January 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Well, I figured that this CD was worth a decent review since no one has had enough brainpower to write one yet. From what I can tell, this is the first CD by these guys, who have created a hybrid of Cannibal Corpse (Chris Barnes) and Obituary (Allen West). Where the bassist and drummer are from is beyond me. You’ve pretty much got it all here. Chris’ growling vocals, that are unintelligible to the untrained ear (I understand him), mix pretty well with Allen’s sludgy riffs that you might find on albums like World Demise. The rhythm section is solid here too; all combining to create some pretty intimidating music. I love to throw this CD on at parties just for shock value alone. I’m the only one of my group of friends who listens to this genre of music, so I love the faces they make when Chris ’sings’ about the brutal subjects on this CD.It’s nice to see that there are other topics on this CD than massacre and bludgeoning,like the occult (Lycanthropy) and nuclear war (Beneath A Black Sky); some nice light topics. Hardcore Cannibal Corpse fans may curse me for this, but hearing gory details about a murder or things associated with that get tiring after a while. However, hearing Chris growl out his divine and pure emotion for a loved one probably wouldn’t work, so I think that this CD meets comfortably on the side of evil without going overboard (for the most part).Allen Wests riffs are pure Obituary and are menacing. However, at times they are predictable and unimaginative, leaving you with a feeling that you could have easily played this song yourself (why aren’t I playing for these guys?). This may be the case, but they are still good songs. Sometimes you don’t have to play a mile a minute to get your point across.Haunted is still a great CD, and a good point to start if you are just getting into this type of music. You can branch out into a couple of different areas from this CD. My favorite songs are ‘The Enemy Inside’ with it’s opening, bone-rattling bass note; ‘Beneath A Black Sky’; ‘Human Target’ and ‘Suffering In Ecstasy’. This CD is dehumanizing and I love it. This CD will lead you on to bigger and better things from these guys no matter what band they are in.

    Posted on January 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • By all accounts, this can be lumped in with Death Metal. Chris Barnes is one of the original DM vocalists. Allen West played Guitar for Obituary, and his riffs sound very much like those he wrote with Obituary. Bassist Terry Butler has played with Death and Massacre. Thing is, once you listen to this, there is a big difference between Six Feet Under and the DM norm. There are no blast beats, or thousand beats per minute kick drums. But there is a killer groove to all of these songs. DM feel, but a grooviness seldom heard from a DM band. None of the songs here are extremly intricate, and none have Kerry King style guitar solos. And it wouldn’t be difficult to argue that these aren’t the most talented musicians in the world. But having said that, I still love this album. I have played this for guys who like grunge, and they bought into this almost immediately. It is just very listenable. In my opinion, this is the best SFU album. If you like Cannibal Corpse and Obituary both, then buy this. If you are only a fan of extreme DM bands like Nile and Vader, then this will bore you to tears. But I highly recommed at least giving it a listen. It may surprise you.

    Posted on January 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The band’s first release is nothing short of being great.The album is extreme and heavy,while being somewhat slow on most songs.The vocals are of the same vein as cannibal corpse and the guitar work is really good.Standout tracks include lycanthropy and beneath a black sky.If you are a fan of the band then you should already own this.METAL RULES!!!

    Posted on January 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Six Feet Under was, as of 1995, just a side project. But their debut, “Haunted,” rivals anything done by Chris Barnes’ other band, Cannibal Corpse. And, like CC, Six Feet Under are (of course) very spiteful, in addition to being raunchy, dark, and fast. “Haunted” boasts a brutal, riff-heavy attack, and, even though the vocals are deep and gruff with an occasional shriek (i.e. in the title track), Barnes’ lyrics are sometimes (as in “The Enemy Inside”) discernable. But these songs aren’t without hooks, because Steve’s guitar work usually sounds quite awesome. Most of the songs (i.e. “Silent Violence”) have a pounding rhythm with cascading riffs or fast, buzzsaw riffs (i.e. track one), but not every track is the same. For example, “Lycanthropy” is backed by ascending, machine gun riffs, and “Human Target” has a catchy stop-start rhythm. Other highlights include the thunderous “Beneath A Black Sky,” and the scorching “Torn To The Bone.” This album is arguably Six Feet Under’s best work to date, and it is also possibly the best ever debut by a side project, so it’s recommended to all metalheads, and an essential buy for everybody who enjoys death metal.

    Posted on January 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now