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  • Six Feet Under was, as of 1995, just a side project. But their debut, “Haunted,” rivals anything done by Chris Barnes’ other band, Cannibal Corpse. And, like CC, Six Feet Under are (of course) very spiteful, in addition to being raunchy, dark, and fast. “Haunted” boasts a brutal, riff-heavy attack, and, even though the vocals are deep and gruff with an occasional shriek (i.e. in the title track), Barnes’ lyrics are sometimes (as in “The Enemy Inside”) discernable. But these songs aren’t without hooks, because Steve’s guitar work usually sounds quite awesome. Most of the songs (i.e. “Silent Violence”) have a pounding rhythm with cascading riffs or fast, buzzsaw riffs (i.e. track one), but not every track is the same. For example, “Lycanthropy” is backed by ascending, machine gun riffs, and “Human Target” has a catchy stop-start rhythm. Other highlights include the thunderous “Beneath A Black Sky,” and the scorching “Torn To The Bone.” This album is arguably Six Feet Under’s best work to date, and it is also possibly the best ever debut by a side project, so it’s recommended to all metalheads, and an essential buy for everybody who enjoys death metal.

    Posted on January 17, 2010