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  • By all accounts, this can be lumped in with Death Metal. Chris Barnes is one of the original DM vocalists. Allen West played Guitar for Obituary, and his riffs sound very much like those he wrote with Obituary. Bassist Terry Butler has played with Death and Massacre. Thing is, once you listen to this, there is a big difference between Six Feet Under and the DM norm. There are no blast beats, or thousand beats per minute kick drums. But there is a killer groove to all of these songs. DM feel, but a grooviness seldom heard from a DM band. None of the songs here are extremly intricate, and none have Kerry King style guitar solos. And it wouldn’t be difficult to argue that these aren’t the most talented musicians in the world. But having said that, I still love this album. I have played this for guys who like grunge, and they bought into this almost immediately. It is just very listenable. In my opinion, this is the best SFU album. If you like Cannibal Corpse and Obituary both, then buy this. If you are only a fan of extreme DM bands like Nile and Vader, then this will bore you to tears. But I highly recommed at least giving it a listen. It may surprise you.

    Posted on January 17, 2010