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Haunting the Chapel

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  • This is a fantastic EP by Slayer. Even though it only has for tunes, it is a classic. Two out of the four songs were also featured in Slayer’s live Album Decade of Agressions which was released many years after it. For you to have an idea, the full length classic album Hell Awaits, which is more or less from the same time landed only one song in the live album. Following are coments of the songs individually ranked from best to really great but not as fantastic as the one above:CHEMICAL WARFARE: Any comments made about this song will be fall short of doing justice to its greatness. Plus, if you are a Slayer fan you already know it.CAPTOR OF SIN: Heavy and fast, this is pure Slayer. The song starts with a killer guitar lead and never lets down. Its chorus sticks to your mind for ever.AGRESSIVE PERFECTOR: This is Slayer’s very first song. It was released for the first time in the album METAL MASSACRE 3 – a compilation of then upcoming bands by Metal Blade Records. They got it right since the first song.HAUNTING THE CHAPEL: The title track of this EP is its least significant song. Its great, though. It is a shame that the band seems to have forgotten all about it. You never hear they play it live. Purchasing this album is probably the only chance you will have to enjoy it.

    Posted on January 3, 2010