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Have a Nice Day

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  • I really enjoyed this Album, but I recommend that you buy the LIMITED EDITION DUAL DISC DIGI-PAK version, because it contains the music video for “Have A Nice Day”, special Bon Jovi interviews, and footage of a live performance that the band gave in 2004.
    I often find with bon jovi that, if you give them a chance, and listen to their albums several times, you begin to feel differently about the album.
    When I first heard “Have A Nice Day” I felt like “Well, it was good, but not great”.
    But then, the more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed it and the more I realized that it was indeed a great album.
    I especially love the songs “I Am”, “Bells Of Freedom”,”Have A Nice Day” and “Last Man Standing”.
    This is a summary of the songs on this Album:

    1. “Have A Nice Day”-
    To me, this is a great sequel to the song “Everyday”, from Bon Jovi’s “Bounce” album.
    It’s about living YOUR life, not the one others tell you to live. Spread your wings and fly. When the world tries to tell you what to do, or gives you a hard time, say “Have A Nice Day” (which is the equivalent of giving someone the middle finger…only in a more polite way) and go about your life. Great message!
    2. “I Want To Be Loved”-
    This is a catchy tune that I think many fans will enjoy.
    3. “Welcome To Wherever You Are”-
    This is a nice song,a slower song about trying to accept what life deals you….dont fight it, learn from it and grow from it.
    “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be”.
    4. “Who Says You Cant Go Home”-
    Currently this song is very popular…it is shown regularly on VH-1, plus the other version of this song (There are TWO versions of this song on this album, a “Bon Jovi” one and a more country music sounding one with Jennifer Nettles of “Sugarland”)….the one with Nettles is up for 2 Country music awards!
    5. “Last Man Standing”-
    This is the song that Bon Jovi has been using to kick off their live shows on the “Have A Nice Day” Tour…the words “Take your seats now folks, it’s showtime…..hey Patrick, hit the lights” makes you feel as if you’re in the audience at a Bon Jovi concert. This song is about the fact that there doesnt seem to be as much “passion” in music today…there arent as many pure songwriters today like the Bob Dylans, Tom Pettys, etc. Music today is mass produced, and artifically produced, rather than being produced by the music loving soul, a voice, a couple of guitars and a drumset.
    Bon Jovi are saying that music will one day be a lost art form that we will have to “dust off” in order to enjoy.
    “Keep your Pseudo-punk, hip-hop, pop rock junk, and your digital downloads” is Bon Jovi’s way of saying that music has changed….and not for the better.
    6. “Bells Of Freedom”-
    One of my favorite songs, “Bells” is about knowing what is true deep down inside you, and letting that guide you instead of letting the world and the negative thoughts we sometimes face, get in our way of being free… to love, free to be who we are….free to be happy, etc
    7. “Wildflower”-
    In my view this is one of the few songs on this album that I would have loved to have seen replaced by something else.
    It is about a woman who cant make up her mind…and, she’s a free spirit, who does things her way, and a woman who turns you on by sometimes trying to turn you off. The lyrics arent bad, its just not a very catchy song in my view.
    8. “Last Cigarette”-
    As with “Wildflower” I am not very fond of this song. It is a catchy kind of song, but it just doesnt do anything for me.
    It’s about comparing love to a cigarette…enjoy it while its lit.
    9. “I Am”-
    This is my favorite song on this album! I love the lyrics, I love the mesaage, I love the beat…this is Bon Jovi magic!
    The words sum up the song……”When you think that no-one needs you, sees you or believes you, no-one’s there to understand…I AM, I’ll be there to be that someone, when you think that no-one is there to hold your hand….I AM”
    I.E. “Even if the rest of the world deserts you, I’ll be right there with you”.A powerful song of love, loyalty, trust and hope.
    This should have been made into a single, and Bon Jovi should perform this song live and give it more attention. It is fabulous.
    10. “Complicated”-
    This is a catchy tune that talks about how we need to be accepted for who we are…love me for who I am, not for who you want me to be..
    11. “Novocaine”-
    In essence, love can make our pain go away. Catchy song.
    12. “Story Of My Life”-
    Times will get hard….face that truth….but you’ll be ok, because miracles happen…dont give up hope and you never know what’ll happen to bring joy into your life. Keep living, keep loving. It’ll be ok. It’ll be alright.
    13. “Who Says You Cant Go Home” -
    This is the country sounding version with Jennifer Nettles of “Sugarland” on lead vocals with Jon.

    Trivia: Did you know that Keith Urban was originally the choice to sing lead vocals with Jon on “Who says You Cant Go Home”?
    Because of the record industry’s greed and worries about money and promoting their clients the right way (Urban is on a DIFFERENT record label than Bon Jovi and record companies dont like to “mix” with other money making record companies, who are their “competitors”,so the song with Keith Urban never made it on the album, so Bon Jovi had Nettles…who is on their record label, do the song with them. In the end, I think the song made out better that way, so its a good thing.
    All in all, “Have A Nice Day” is a typical Bon Jovi album: Great songs, great beats, great lyrics about love, hope and freedom, and songs that inspire us to reach for the sky and pick out whatever stars we like.
    I hope you enjoy it (Remember, the Limited Edition Digipak Dual Disc version is the best version of this album, in my view)

    Posted on January 26, 2010