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  • I have to wonder, what is in the water over in O.C. California because they are producing some damn good metalcore/hardcore. Throwdown is one of those if not the best. They really prove they aren’t your average band in this genre with “Haymaker” . The breakdowns on this album are crazy an would make your mother’s aunt hXc dance. People seem to think this is more for people who enjoy moshing then the music its self, sure they have alot of mosh pit anthems but I find them to have some really good lyrics and actually I enjoy the vocals. This is up there with “You don’t have to be blood to be family” as Throwdown’s best. Right now I think Trustkill along with Victory record’s as one of the best labels right now, with a lineup including Throwdown, Terror, It Dies Today, Poison the Well, Walls of Jericho, eighteen visions(yeah even if they sorda have lost it a little) and Bleeding through. So grab a copy of this album and support Trustkill records.

    Posted on November 19, 2009