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  • In the world of modern tough guy hardcore there are 4 bands you need to know: Hatebreed, Throwdown, Terror, Bury Your Dead. These are the 4 bands that are dominating the scene and putting out the most brutal breakdown heavy music. First of all, I have seen Throwdown bashed by so many people for so many stupid reasons and it really upsets me. People talk about how they like bands like Lamb of God or Pantera and then say they hate Throwdown, and the usual reason is because “they don’t like the lyrics”. Sure straightedge lyrics about your friends and family won’t go over well with your average metalhead, but I choose to open my mind. I never listened to music for the lyrics, but for the aggression and it’s all here. This CD is intense and brutal, when I listen to this I start getting really pumped up and feel like lashing out at the world. The use of swear words on this CD really ups the anger/aggression factor. The fact is I really don’t care if you dont like Throwdown, anyone who doesn’t like a band because of the lyrics is a poser anyway. If you want a mainstream CD that is heavier than almost everything else in the mainstream then get this.

    Posted on November 19, 2009