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  • Not Pantera by any means. But also not bad either. There are many that dont dig the Hardcore/metalcore,”Toughman”hardcore attitude and endless breakdowns ect.But one thing ive noticed about this album is that if your into hardcore music of any type, be it hiphop,rapcore or whatever,when you crank this album, here in Texas,Black,White,Hispanic,Asian 9/10 heads are bobbing.Aggro taker in the car after a hard day….everytime. If they can improve on their lack of different “sounds” (unearth for example)more on there next album I will give it a 5.Breakdowns are not a bad thing.Not all bands out there can deliver good ones and sound weak because of the lack of skill.Throwdown is not one of those bands….Barnone.

    Posted on November 19, 2009