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Hazardous Mutation

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  • I can’t say I was prepared for the unwarranted assault that was bestowed upon me when I popped this in. Its albums like this that come along every once in a while that really helps keep a smile on my face. First of all, this is crossover thrash that I haven’t heard (or heard done this well) since the late 80’s. Too much of it crossed over completely into metal or just went the way of the dinosaur and became played out because too many bands were flooding the market with it. But something about The Waste keeps me stimulated. Hazardous Mutation is a smart, pounding, faster than a speeding bullet attack on the senses that leaves you with a sore neck from whipping your head around in a frenzy. Unlike other modern outfits amidst this genre, MW leaves nothing left to be desired. They play the fast and heavy, with a lot of tongue in cheek lyrics, yet they’re still extremely pissed. Very S.O.D.-esque in a way. Don’t skip on this. Its also a good start if you’re just getting into them. Get this then work backwards and get your hands on Waste ‘Em All. Another solid release that will leave you rooting through your attic in hopes of finding that denim vest with all the Venom and Napalm Death patches on it that you had back in 1986.

    Posted on November 29, 2009