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Heartbreak Station

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  • Cinderella took their sound as far into blues rock territory as they possibly could with their third album – 1990’s Heartbreak Station. This album is pretty far removed from the straightforward hair metal of Night Songs, but it still rocks. It’s just a bluesier, more Southern-sounding kind of rock, complete with twanging guitars, horns, and the occasional gospel-style choir on background vocals.

    It may not be the Cinderella everyone was familiar with, but I love what they did on Heartbreak Station. Soulful songs like Electric Love, Dead Man’s Road, and the title track give the album and the band a sense of depth that a lot of Cinderella’s peers were sadly lacking, and it’s hard to resist the boogie-rocking The More Things Change, Shelter Me, and Make Your Own Way. People went nuts for Bon Jovi’s cowboy fixation. Why not extend Cinderella the same kind of credit, especially when the results are this good?

    It’s not as good as Night Songs or Long Cold Winter, but Heartbreak Station is still a very strong Cinderella album, and I have a soft spot for it as it was one of the very first albums I bought when I moved from cassettes to CDs. Ah, long box memories.

    Posted on December 6, 2009