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Heartbreak Station

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  • I was sadly dissappointed with this album and only give it 3 stars. Perhaps it was the fact that I’ve listened to their first 2 albums for so long, but overall this album just doesn’t get it done in my opinion. Give me the hard rocking Cinderella of old any day vs. this lightweight version. The title track, Heartbreak Station is indeed a great song but other than that the rest of the album just didn’t do much for this hard rock fan. Many of the songs vocals are also very muffled and aren’t nearly as clear as Cinderella’s previous 2 albums. Here’s hoping “Still Climbing” is much better. Despite the fact that it was a letdown, it’s still much better than anything being released in today’s hip-hop, bubble gum pop, whiny world of music.

    Posted on December 6, 2009