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Heartwork (CD/DVD)

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  • Come on folks, if you missed out on this the first time around you got another chance to sample the godfathers of grindcore gore. On this outing they were a more mature band than the one on “Symphonies of Sickness” or”Reeks Of Putrefication”. The new focus and command of their instruments is obvious on the complexity of the arrangements the way they go from classic colossal riffs to death grind and dirge, with constant melodic lead guitars comin’ at you left and right. The vocals are a step up from the past, but thats not saying much if your familiar with the raspy and harsh growls they spit out.This is for the more tech death metal fans.Not as grinding as earlier releases. A big influence on the melodic death bands we hear today. Featuring the talents of Bill Steer and Michael Amott together on lead guitars.Nothing special about the dvd, kind of goes right by, lotsa killer music to listen to…

    Posted on February 5, 2010