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Heartwork (CD/DVD)

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  • When Heartwork came out alot of death/grind fans panned the album, which I thought was wrong, the album had a cleaner sound, but no less heavier sound. The band was getting more popular and because they incorporated some slower parts the album really was not commercial by any stretch of the imagination. Songs like carnal forge, This Mortal Coil the awesome title track or the best song on the album Arbeit Macht Fleisch grinded pretty hard, just had more melody. The riffs were simply killer and still are. I can remember Headbanger’s ball playing the Heartwork video each week along w/Morbid Angel’s rapture video-good times. Anyway again Earache has released a monster remaster and the sound packs so much more heaviness and loudness than the original. Lyrics reprinted on the multi fold out digipack and the dvd has the 4th part documentary. Extra disc includes demos of the album, nothing too special in that dept. Anyway Heartowrk was the album that platooned the band even further and was the last great record for the band. Unfortunatley the band tarnished the name a bit w/the release of Swansong, their last release which really was lame. Heartwork still stands up today and has aged well as a death/grind release.

    Posted on February 5, 2010