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  • This is the first, most important, and best thrash/speed metal album there is, from the originators of the genre. A must-have for any metal enthusiast.

    Posted on December 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Now we’re talking about the cream of the crop. No bones about it this is The finest Heavy Metal band to come out of Canada ever!!!
    A melding of sonic distorted guitar, with gargantuan drums and a bass that pounds.This is the makings of one of the all time great speed metal bands.
    With the opening track of Holocust You geat the great depth of heaviness already starting to make your mouth salivate. Until the ending echo and frantic start of Stand Up And Fight. Without heasitation you start punching your fist in the air and shaking your head back and forth like a woodpecker.As soon as the last note fades, in rushes Heavy Metal Maniac thrusting through the air,your body starting to quiver until the begining of Iron Dogs starts to screech and scrawl proding along its drugery until the final minute goes into berserk mode.Mistress Of Evil takes you on a slow decline to bowels of the underworld.
    The Original album starts off side two with the thunderous Under Attack.After comming out of the combat zone we’re introduced to Johns’searring gutar assualt, and anihilation of Rising Of The Dead. With Black Witch quieting down the onslaught for a few moments. Until the final number, Cry Of The Banshee pierces your temples and makes your eyes start to tremble.
    We’re given the first track Exciter ever laid down to vinyl as a bonus in the name of World War III where you get the feeling of driving in a tank with the speakers cranked up to the max. All in all fantastic. Never a let down. You have some energy you want to exert pop this disc in your player and start to watch the unit metal before you very eyes.
    The interviews give you a nice perspective of the band at the time I just wish they were a little lenghtier. Play at extreme volume

    ….The Beast Will Roar From Deep Inside

    Posted on December 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I felt compelled to write a review of this when I saw just one person had done so (thanks for getting things started man). This music absolutely rates more than one review. If you are a fan of 80’s Metal this is for you. You WILL like this music. The vocs are clean – powerful singing; just the drummer doing a very good job of belting it out. The drumming also is powerful as is the guitar and bass playing. They do not sound like they are trying to copy anyone. Exciter alternates between medium tempo metal to speed. They never go as fast as possible or as slow as possible (whatever that means). Also, they don’t try too hard to impress only to come up short – they pound their music out with conviction. I was a fan when they were putting their albums out and was surprised that they got “left behind.” It just occurred to me – if you are a fan of Raven or Saxon you WILL like Exciter – Raven and Saxon also seem to have been “left behind.” Sadly, the music biz only had room for so many bands – Mettallica, Megadeth, Slayer, all bands that I love – but other bands tried and tried but just could not get noticed. Exciter is not power metal or wannabee metal. It is heavy metal that you simply will enjoy listening to – you may occasionally grit your teeth, jump up and down, and forget what it was you were just doing . . . and say to yourself “this is some damn good metal!” I don’t give it 5 stars because it’s not a classic. But it is very, very good metal.

    Posted on December 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • 1983 was the year that the Metal beast known as “Thrash” officialy broke into the world as a legitimate genre of music.
    Influenced by Judas Priest,Accept,Motorhead,Diamond Head,Anvil,Venom,Savage and a good dose of Punk,this was Metal’s most brutal sub-genre of the time.

    One of the genre’s forgotten architects was the Canadian based “Exciter”,a band who experimented with speed and combined garage level production values for a rawer,meaner sound that most Metal available at the time.
    There contribution is not often cited as much as Metallica,Exodus and Slayer,but they deserve more credit.

    This was there debut,and as exemplified by the wonderfully,rebellious artwork,a real kick in the pants to the unsuspecting Metalhead.
    The album is a non-stop attack on the senses,producing many classic tracks like “Stand Up and Fight”,”Iron Dogs”,”Cry of the banshee” and a wonderfully brutal,sexually driven maelstorm of a title track.

    Drummer,Dan Beehler has a unique vocal delivery that sets him apart from his contemporaries,and still makes the band sound unique today.
    While the sound is somewhat dated,the album still has enough youthful energy to keep it moving along at a good headbang.
    Exciter will make an even better follow-up with “Violence and Force”,but unfortunately did not progress,and today remain a footnote in Metal history.

    Still,this is essential in any Thrash collection,and a worthy edition to the Top 500 Metal albums.

    This re-mastered edition features two interviews with the band and legendary demo track,”World War 3″,which is a real a s s kicker of a track and the good,”Evil Sinner”.

    Posted on December 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Exciter was one of the best metal bands ever!!! The vocals, guitars and drums are awesome! Recommend this to any speed metal fan!!!

    Posted on December 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now