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Heavy Metal Maniac

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  • Now we’re talking about the cream of the crop. No bones about it this is The finest Heavy Metal band to come out of Canada ever!!!
    A melding of sonic distorted guitar, with gargantuan drums and a bass that pounds.This is the makings of one of the all time great speed metal bands.
    With the opening track of Holocust You geat the great depth of heaviness already starting to make your mouth salivate. Until the ending echo and frantic start of Stand Up And Fight. Without heasitation you start punching your fist in the air and shaking your head back and forth like a woodpecker.As soon as the last note fades, in rushes Heavy Metal Maniac thrusting through the air,your body starting to quiver until the begining of Iron Dogs starts to screech and scrawl proding along its drugery until the final minute goes into berserk mode.Mistress Of Evil takes you on a slow decline to bowels of the underworld.
    The Original album starts off side two with the thunderous Under Attack.After comming out of the combat zone we’re introduced to Johns’searring gutar assualt, and anihilation of Rising Of The Dead. With Black Witch quieting down the onslaught for a few moments. Until the final number, Cry Of The Banshee pierces your temples and makes your eyes start to tremble.
    We’re given the first track Exciter ever laid down to vinyl as a bonus in the name of World War III where you get the feeling of driving in a tank with the speakers cranked up to the max. All in all fantastic. Never a let down. You have some energy you want to exert pop this disc in your player and start to watch the unit metal before you very eyes.
    The interviews give you a nice perspective of the band at the time I just wish they were a little lenghtier. Play at extreme volume

    ….The Beast Will Roar From Deep Inside

    Posted on December 23, 2009