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Hell Awaits

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  • It definitely comes down to this one and Reign in Blood, and it’s a tough decision. Agreed, Reign in Blood has the sound quality hands down, and it is THE classic Slayer album, but sometimes I have to go with Hell Awaits. Muddy recording cannot kill these demons. The title track is one of the most powerful moments in headbanger history. It is the soundtrack to the opening of the mouth of Hell. The imaginative instrumentation of At Dawn They Sleep maunders and mauls with the dementia of a rabid horde of bloodthirsty ghouls. All of the players are in top form.
    Contrary to what many say, this music is not satanic. The lyrics are about demons and hell and butcherous hellspawn, but they are not satan worship. Kerry King likened Slayer’s lyrics to horror stories.
    One of the most amazing albums from one of the most influential artists in metal.

    Posted on December 7, 2009