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Hell Awaits

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  • This second work of the Californian quartet is the natural evolution from the simple-thrash metal sound of “Show No Mercy” and the pure violent Slayer’s thrash metal. This seven-songs CD contains the true, unmistakable peculiarities which made Slayer the fathers of death metal: without “Hell Awaits” it couldn’t exist “Reign In Blood” and without this last one now there wouldn’t be death metal. From the terrific introduction of the title song including hell’s noises, Satan’s voice and screams of damned, suddenly you discover the heavy and fastest-beats drums play by Dave Lombardo, the scarey climate created by Tom Araya’s bass and inimitable voice, the lead guitars Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King with their fastest, very difficult and amelodic solos – a tipical Slayer’s feature. Passing by the mystic “At Dawn They Sleep” until “Necrophiliac” with its dreadful lyrics, you will be captured by the scarey atmosphere created by them. Maybe songs have too lenght to be thrash metal songs, in fact the shortness of “Reign In Blood” album is one of the reasons why it has been a record hit. However if you like the hardening of sound, the music’s strenght and complexity cancels the problem. What else? If you like the purest musical violence, you must buy this album made by THE ONLY GROUP WHICH MAKES GUITARS CRY!!! HELL AWAITS YOU!!!

    Posted on December 7, 2009