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Hell on Stage Live

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  • This is a really good album, but slightly dissappointed me when I fist got it. Don’t get me wrong, all the songs are great and Manowar put on a truly first class performance but I was dissappointed with the selection of songs on this album. I saw this album in the shop and bought it on impulse, cos I love manowar, but didn’t look at the track listing. The reason for my dissapointment was that none of my favourite songs by manowar were on the album. I really love ‘Metal Warriors’, ‘Kings of metal’, ‘Fighting the world’ and ‘Thor the powerhead’ but these songs were nowhere to be seen. I do dig this album a lot and it has some really good stuff on it such as ‘Metal Daze’ which is a truly METAL song and Joey’s classic Bass solos, but it could be better. In the last week I discovered Manowar’s previous live album (released just before this one) which has all the ‘missing’ tracks that I mentioned before.[I have ordered 'Hell on Wheels' album from amazon and will review it when my copy arrives]I think this album was released because that previous live album, the similarly titled ‘Hell on wheels’ was so good and some of manowars fans felt that some of THEIR favourite songs were missing.To fully appreciate what manowar are capable of on stage I think you need both albums (Four hours in total, manowar play long sets on stage). I would say to anyone thinking of buying this ‘Buy hell on wheels first, then if you like that, buy this’. I would, assuming ‘Hell on wheels’ is as well performed which I think it will be, sum this album up as: ‘A tasty collection of the leftovers from the true metal feast that is Hell on wheels’.

    Posted on January 9, 2010