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Hell on Stage Live

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  • This live offering is Manowar’s second live double-album release in a row, coming on the heels of 1998’s _Hell on Wheels_. Not having a lot of familiarity with the band meant hearing most of these songs for the first time in the live setting. This really wasn’t much of a concern though, as the production and mix is so good that in most places it doesn’t even sound like a live album. The vocals were pretty decent throughout, and there were a couple of outstanding solos, nothing mind-blowing, but solid all around. Favorite tracks include “March for Revenge”, “Guyana”, “Heart of Steel”, and what has always been an all-time favorite of mine “Master of the Wind”, just to name a few. The crowd interaction in reciting all of “The Warrior’s Prayer” in unison was also a highpoint. As live albums go, this highly energetic one is quite good and is definitely a must have for all the Manowarriors out there.

    Posted on January 10, 2010