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Hell on Wheels Live

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  • There’s not really too much to be said about Manowar in a live setting. If you already know their music, simply imagine those great power metal anthems with the volume turned up to 11 and thousands of people at a time singing the cheesy metal lyrics.If you don’t already know their music, well then get to steppin’! Go back and purchase all their studio albums. That’s right, I said ALL of them, learn the songs and THEN come back here and listen to the classics in all their live glory. Hearing stuff like “Manowar,” “Kings of Metal,” “Hail and Kill,” “Fighting the World,” and so many others just rules it. And for me, it was a real bonus, because I DON’T have all the studio albums (I know, hypocrite), so hearing songs like “Spirit Horse of the Cherokee” for the first time was fantastic. BTW, “Spirit…” is one of the strongest tunes on the first disc.So all in all, this is a great representation of one of metal’s all-time classic bands in a live setting. You can really tell they get off on their status as metal warriors and in the way they interact with the fans. Great live album. Get it.

    Posted on November 12, 2009