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Hell on Wheels Live

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  • For starters I am a huge Manowar fan and I hate having to do this, but true metal fans would like to hear this instead of listening to someone lie for the sake of their band. Do not purchase this CD if you are planning on listening to Eric Adams’s beautiful voice because you will not hear it on 95% of the songs. It’s a shame but Manowar’s pursuit of the loudest metal on Earth has backfired on this live album. The music is so loud (which we all like as Manowar fans) that it completely drowns out the vocals… Maybe it was a error in the recording or something like that but nevertheless I didn’t care for the album. I enjoy lyrics and vocals the most when I am listening to music. I have seen Manowar 3 times now and they are still my favorite band, so don’t get the idea that I am bashing them because I would never do that…

    Posted on November 12, 2009