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  • This live cd has all solid performances of some great Machine Head songs. Some notable tracks are ‘Ten ton hammer’, ‘Old’, ‘I’m your god now’, ‘The blood, the sweat, the tears’, ‘Davidian’, and ‘Take my scars’. Though obvious overdubs in the recording are evident, and Robb Flynn admits to it, its probably overall the best live show Machine Head could put onto cd. The most outstanding performances are definitely ‘None but my own’ and ‘The Burning Red’ (2 extra tracks from a 2002 show, thankfully without the [weak]novice guitarist ahrue luster.) I saw a Machine Head show in New york city and Luster was so painfully horrible. His guitar kept on getting unplugged from the amps as he was bouncing around the stage like a fool, and it always took their crew a disturbingly long time to get him plugged back in. Not to mention his style [is weak], and he couldn’t play a solo to save his life. Robb did all the solos. I miss Logan Maders loud, powerful, heavy guitar work.

    Posted on January 11, 2010