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Hellbilly Deluxe

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  • Call of the Zombie (0:30): The intro to the CD. It had a eerie little girl talking with horror music in the background. Its short but freaky, just like Rob Zombie! I like it.Super Beast (3:40): This is a very good song with good instruments and vocals. I first heard this song off of Twisted Metal 3. It’s one of the better songs on the CD.Dragula (3:42): Rob Zombie’s song about Herman Munster’s drag racing car, Dragula. I love this song, the lyrics are great and the beat is amazing. I first heard this song playing Twisted Metal 4. A little better then Super Beast, but still not the best on the CD, it’s cool though.Living Dead Girl (3:21): A creepy, yet really catchy, song about a Zombie girl on display in a circus. I like the lyrics and the “What are you thinking about?” is awesome. It is one of Zombie’s most off the wall songs, but still not my favorite.Perversion (1:43): Instrumental, too short. If it was longer it would have been so much better, but its good. It’s eerie which is what we expect from Mr. Zombie. It’s good, for an instrumental.Demonoid Phenomenon (4:11): A fast paced and rockin’ song. The lyrics sound cool and the whole thing is super. Zombie while saying “Demonoid Phenomenon” sounds really cool. I like this song, but is it my favorite on this CD?…no. Spook Show Baby (3:38): My favorite! They lyrics are the best and the beat is fantastic. It sounds really awesome. The beat sometimes has an Arabic beat to it which adds to its greatness. This song makes the CD all worth it. The other songs are very good, but this one is great. How to Make A Monster (1:38): Probably the worst song on the CD. The lyrics are low and hard to hear and the music is low too, its just too quiet, and short. This song needed to by louder and longer. If it was I’m sure it would have been up there with Dragula. Not the best, but still ok and nice to listen to.Meet the Creeper (3:13): My second favorite song on the CD. “The devil is in all of you!” opens up the song and gets ur attention through out the rest. The lyrics rock like no other (except SSB). The beat is cool and Zombie sounds awesome in this. I love this song, its on my top 3.The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe And Rosa Whore (3:55): The third favorite song on this CD. The lyrics are kind of hard to get at first, but listen to it a few times and you will get it. I really like this song, the lyrics and music and beat and all the stuff is top notch. This is one of Zombie’s best rockin’ songs on the CD. (adult language warning).What Lurks on Channel X? (2:29): Probably the second worst song on the CD, but I still like it. The lyrics are hard to hear but I still think it sounds awesome, I really enjoy this song. The drums are the best part. It just needs to be a little more clearer and maybe just a little longer too, but I like it a lot. Return Of The Phantom Stranger (4:31): It starts off with a chant thing followed by a really cool beat. The lyrics to this song rank up with the greats and the tune. It really is a good song, even though the words are kind of hard to hear at first, but soon you’ll get it. I really enjoy this songs lyrics, beat and the way Zombie sounds. The Beginning of the End (1:52): Instrumental. Needs to be longer! Zombie’s instrumentals are too short. This instrumental isn’t as good as Perversion but it is more rock and less horror. It’s a good song, I like it. But it just needs to be longer!Total CD run time: 38:29. Is it worth the money? Sure its short, but the songs don’t need to be long to deliver their greatness. Yes, it is well worth the cost.

    Posted on February 20, 2010