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Hello Master

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This riff-heavy, Montreal-based retro stoner pop quartet is one of the more pop-oriented bands to come out of the mid-ought’s metal resurgence. Their appealing music is proof that at least a few hipsters wearing ’80s metal tees actually listened to the music made by bands who got Frank Frazetta to draw their record covers. This remixed and remastered version of the group’s debut proves that while the dudes may not yet be masters of their genre, they’re certainly adept students. Priestess are willing to mix and match from some of the best: Zeppelin, Priest, Leppard, Lizzy, even Heep. Take ”Everything That You Are”: its fuzz distortion solo starts out all early ’70s (melodic and slow) then it goes into overdrive and gets early ’80s on you in an instant (flashy arpeggios and screaming licks). The group has strong songs and all, but they could use either more self-consciousness, or less. Right now, that tongue-in-cheek business is kind of harshing all of our buzzes. –Mike McGonigal

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  • If you like rock music, you will love this album. It’s a massive, classic sounding record. Big drums, thick guitars, great songs.

    Priestess are from Montreal, Canada and “Hello Master” is their debut which currently is only released in Canada. Priestess usually get compared to Motorhead (who they’ve toured with) and Queens Of The Stone Age.

    Unfortunately doesn’t have any audio samples of the songs, but you can hear a few of the tracks at Priestess’ website:

    Key tracks on the album are: Talk To Her, Run Home, Lay Down, The Shakes, Time Will Cut You Down, No Real Pain.

    Posted on December 2, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Priestess Rawks!!! There, I feel better. After the sucess of Wolfmother, The White Stripes, etc. I suppose it was inevitable that a wave of “retro” music was coming our way. One things is for sure, Priestess have what it takes to make this idea work. Much like Wolfmother’s latest release, this album could have been in the charts circa 1974. Think Jethro Tull by way of Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy. Is it cool? Hell yeah! this disc is actually the most fun I’ve had with a rock album in a long time…

    What I love about this band is the fact that they seem to pay homage to this style of music, although sometimes with the tongue firmly planted in cheek. Not too serious or stiff, but not an asinine parody like The Darkness. This music is meant to be listened to with beer in hand. Fun stuff, recommended.

    Posted on December 2, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Wow. What a debut record! This Priestess record is ROCK SOLID from beginning to end. Finally a new rock record with great actual singing, catchy hooks and great parts and SONGS and PRODUCTION. I’ve seen them live and can tell you these guys are the real deal. Don’t be mistaken. This isn’t a tongue in cheek irony-fest. Zero irony, no cheese, no gimmicks. This isn’t the Darkness. The guys are for real and are refreshingly fun and honest. Anyone who likes rock will love and cherish this record and will keep it in rotation for years to come. Priestess has a rare “it” factor that only the few, great bands have when they play together. They way they lock in, rock and groove – the swing and swagger of the drums, the righteous guitar playing and the SONGS. I haven’t had this many thrills on a cd in a long, long while. This is gonna be a great summer. Thanks Priestess! See you when you hit my town. “Hello Master” is a true gem!

    Posted on December 2, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I bought this CD at a Priestess show in Seattle. They wrecked it that night, the band is amazing. I don’t think I have ever been as disappointed to see a group stop playing. There’s a lot of dynamics on stage. The drummer is a show by himself and the rest of the group emits the stoner metal image to a t.

    This album, though? It’s kind of like buying a postcard to something that’s a visual spectacle. The picture on the postcard reminds you of how amazing your vacation was, and you get a taste of how gorgeous, say, the Grand Canyon was, but it’s just not like being there. Their record is under-produced, sadly, to the point where it comes off as a good 4-track recording. Much like when you see a band set up for TV, the vocals come through louder and independent of the instruments, and the music is all leveled the same so you don’t get the virtuoso elements from any of the musicians.

    I might not like this whole CD as much if I didn’t see the show, but there are some good songs that rank highly in their genre. They’re more 70’s soul metal than they are 4/4 Mastodon technical metal, which is awesome for me.

    Again, this is an amazing band that underproduced themselves on this album. They tore up the club where I saw them. I said to my friend after their first song: “I wouldn’t mind if they just played that same song another 5 times, this is awesome”, because it was. If you like their record, look on YouTube for live shows and you’ll be way impressed.

    Posted on December 2, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Priestess was the second warmer for Mastodon at a small theater in Portland OR where I heard them for the first time. A small pudgy filthy guy with a gibson sg strapped on him thanked Mastodon for a great tour and told us all how lucky we were to see them in such a small venue right as Blood Mountain was breaking loose.
    I honestly didn’t know what to expect from them as Mouth for an Architect had opened up so the tone was set for some serious post-metal noise when all of a sudden these four guys cracked open “Lay Down” and lit the place on fire. The response from the crowd was deafening and certain, they had just made 600 of their biggest fans.
    You could say “riff-rock” or make comparisons to Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, or what have you but they deliver fist pumping, wind in your hair rock, plain and simple.
    It is also worth a mention that they brought homage to Spinal Tap as well. These guys are un-abashedly rock n’ roll from their riff and solo rides to the wrap around mutton chop mustache, they are the package, the real deal. Everything about them reels you in and then before you know it you just threw a full beer across the crowd.
    The truth of the matter is that I feel lucky I got to see Priestess in such a small venue. These guys will (or should) be headliners on a huge stage someday.
    I have to echoe that their album is great but it PALES in comparison to seeing them live.

    Posted on December 2, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now