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  • I bought this CD at a Priestess show in Seattle. They wrecked it that night, the band is amazing. I don’t think I have ever been as disappointed to see a group stop playing. There’s a lot of dynamics on stage. The drummer is a show by himself and the rest of the group emits the stoner metal image to a t.

    This album, though? It’s kind of like buying a postcard to something that’s a visual spectacle. The picture on the postcard reminds you of how amazing your vacation was, and you get a taste of how gorgeous, say, the Grand Canyon was, but it’s just not like being there. Their record is under-produced, sadly, to the point where it comes off as a good 4-track recording. Much like when you see a band set up for TV, the vocals come through louder and independent of the instruments, and the music is all leveled the same so you don’t get the virtuoso elements from any of the musicians.

    I might not like this whole CD as much if I didn’t see the show, but there are some good songs that rank highly in their genre. They’re more 70’s soul metal than they are 4/4 Mastodon technical metal, which is awesome for me.

    Again, this is an amazing band that underproduced themselves on this album. They tore up the club where I saw them. I said to my friend after their first song: “I wouldn’t mind if they just played that same song another 5 times, this is awesome”, because it was. If you like their record, look on YouTube for live shows and you’ll be way impressed.

    Posted on December 2, 2009