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  • after i got sehnsucht, i was so blown away by it i went and picked up this album. herzleid is quite a bit ‘crunchier’, andalthough it’s not any heavier than the other albums, it’s moreagressive. there’s not a whole lot i can say about it, so i guessi’ll describe the songs-1. wollt ihr das bett in flamen sehen- starts out with a coolkeyboard driven pattern that breaks into the same pattern on the duel guitars. awesome writing on this song, the way it’s puttogether. heavy, but not their heaviest. still a good song to get hooked on rammstein with.2. der meister- one of the fastest songs rammstein has ever done,it has an awesome main riff, and the vocals are wicked how themusic stops so he can sing a line then picks up the fast main riff again. cool all the way through, still not a ‘heavy’ one.3. weisses fleisch- opens with a keyboard increasing in speed,then a drum beat, then till screams “weisses fleisch!”. probablythe most morbid lyrics they’ve ever done. it’s about going intoa school yard and raping and killing people. don’t look down onthe lyrics, it’s a wicked song. one of their heaviest, and probably one of the best live. AWESOME solo from richard in it.4. asche zu asche- a sweet little diddy about crucifixion. thedude gets crucified, then comes back as a god and crucifies thedude that did it to him. main riff sounds a little like der meister slowed down. the best part of it is when the last versebleeds into the last chorus- “and i stick my finger in your…ashes! to ashes!” GREAT song.5. seemann- a ballad about a sailor. most beautiful bass lineever. the only ‘light’ ‘pretty’ song on the record. still wicked.6. du riechst so gut- “you smell so good”. as far as i can tellit’s about a stalker. really cool keyboard. another good onelive. 7. das alte leid- “the old grief”. a slow, mesmerizing song. i don’t know how to describe this one, you just gotta hear it.this one proves they don’t have to go “all out” to be brutal.8. heirate mich- “marry me”. catchies, coolest, best writtensong on the album, not to mention the one with the sickest lyrics. i love it. it’s about a dude that falls in love with a chick, she dies, and he digs up her body… the rest is of the best songs they’ve ever done.9. herzeleid- best written song they’ve ever done. there is three beats, then a word, then three beats and a word, and so’s actually a very beautiful song. the lyrics go along the lines of “every minute we spend together is precious, time isshort, my heartache is great”. something like that. heavy ashell, and an instant rammstein-classic. also the best song live.10. Laichzeit- “spawning time”. this song has the best music onthe whole album. it’s actually about incest, but you get used tothat. “he liebt de schwester”- he loves his sister…ya know…the keyboard in this song is amazing. if you download one song,let this be it. heavy and fast as hell, scathing vocals and lyrics. another classic.11. rammstein- another very slow, very brutal song. he says “rammstein”, then says a line of the song. i dunno what to say except “brutal”. got a GREAT solo by richard at the end. actually written as a tribute to the 90 (or so) people that werekilled at Rammstein airforce base during an air show. the lyricsare morbid and beautiful at the same time.all around, this is an amazing album. no matter what you listento, pick up this album, there is something for everyone. neverhave i seen this much musical talent packed in 1 album. trulya classic.

    Posted on March 1, 2010