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  • First of all I think the new singer is a horrible joke,and this album proves it.It’s bad enough when he sings badly written song’s,but when he try’s to sing Michael Kiskes song’s with his horrible vocal’s it makes me physically ill,and frankly I don’t understand how any mid career Helloween fan could even like the new stuff at all.The only answer must be that their just people who haven’t heard the good singer,or just don’t like Power metal to begin with.Or maybe they are the vocally hearing impared fan’s of Gamma Ray who think this is the second coming from the god of horrible singer’s Kia Hansen.Well if that’s the case then they might be beyond all hope.So ofcourse I don’t recommend this album to any fan of good Power metal.Quite frankly I’d take Michael Kiskes worst album Chamelian over any of their new album’s.Just because Michael Kiske is that much more of a better singer,not to mention my all time favorite singer,and yes I do think he’s even better than Bruce Dickinson,I mean if Iron Maiden is the first level in being a Power metal fan,than Mid career Helloween is,and should be the second,and no I don’t give a rats ass what group came out first,and who influenced who,or which is more popular,I mean Pop music anyway’s can be some of the most horrible music to ever be recorded(Iron Maiden excluded ofcourse),and we are supposed to like it.Well not me,I’m a free thinker,and I think Korn,Blink 182,Incubis,and most of the pop metal band’s suck!!!not alway’s excluding some hard core ones that tend to sound exactly the same with their Horrible in you’r face yelling,not singing yelling vocal’s!I mean just get Fear Factorie’s Digimortal album,and that’s all the Hard core you’ll ever need.And for Power Metal fan’s start with Iron Maiden,and graduate to Helloween’s Keeper album’s,and maybe even the underated Pink bubbles go ape album….

    Posted on November 13, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • great live cd from one of the best metal bands around!the vocalist is awesome and the band rocks!get the dvd also! 10 stars!!!!!!

    Posted on November 13, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I totally disagree with the reviewer who stated that Andi Deris butchers Kiske’s songs. Kiske left and Deris is actually a better vocalist by far and gives the songs an even greater depth than Kiske was even capable of. For me personally, Helloween’s studio albums have either been bland or odd with an occasional good tune here and there but this live album actually makes people want to delve deeper into their back catalog because the performances are that good! Sometimes they’re even better than the original version such as the live rendition of “Why”. The increased tempo is far superior to the studio version and Andi Deris’ vocal range here demonstrates for the pundits just exactly why he was chosen to begin with. I’d say this is a great addition for those wanting to see what Helloween material sounds like performed with energy and raw emotion.

    Posted on November 13, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Just found out about this 2-CD release.Sure miss original vocalist Michael Kiskes.Sources indicate that new frontman Andi Deris joined the band in 1994(is this right?).Guess I really haven’t bothered to keep up with this German metal ensemble as much as I thought.Too many bands to keep track of,I guess.Total of sixteen cuts,duration:85:14.Tunes here are decently played,I thought.Certainly nothing to write home about.Cuts I enjoyed the most were “We Burn”,”Sole Survivor”,”Time Of The Oath”,the ass-kickin’ “Dr.Stein” and “Steel Tormentor”.Wouldn’t mind seeing these guys play live again sometime.

    Posted on November 13, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now