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High Voltage

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  • Bon Scott is the true ACDC singer,and this is a great example.IT’s pure great rock that any ACDC fan would love.This sure as hell shows how much better Bon is than Brian Jhonson.

    It’s a long way to the top-Gives me a lot of energy when i listen to it.Good lyrics,rythm and just a great song-1010
    Rock n roll singer-Even better than the last song.The singing is awsome and of course the guitars are top notch.
    Jack- Never liked it.To dumb and dull-210
    live wire-What an amazing song.My fav on this album and mabee even my fav ACDC song.Has a fast tempo and a super cool solo.
    T.N.T-A classic ACDC song.Need i say more-1010
    Can i sit next to u girl-Not bad,but the best.Its pretty catchy but doesn’t compare to T.N.T,rock n roll singer or live wire;still good-810
    little lover-Boring.It drags on and on.It tells a story on how he met his girlfreind at his own concert before he was famous.Thats pretty interesting,but thr song still sucks-410
    she’s got balls-I feel the same about this one as little lover.-410
    High voltage-Great way to end the cd.About high voltage rock n roll,you can tell by just that that this song will be great-1010.

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  • Well here it is, AC/DC’s very first U.S. release. This album was released at a time when rock ‘n’ roll was dominated by bands like the Eagles, Heart, and other bands that really are not rock. This album was released in 1976 and features nine tracks, some really great and some just good. Do not get me wrong no AC/DC song is what I call bad, but some are’nt as good as others.

    It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll) 10/10 – Well this is a very kick ass way to start the album off, straight up rock ‘n’ roll with no subsitutes. Great song it also features one of my favorite instruments, the bagpipes.

    Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer 10/10 – This is my personal favorite song on the album. Great lyrics, and an awesome beat, absolute rocker.

    The Jack 8/10 – This is kind of a slow blues rocker, it’s a good song and all, but it is kind of long.

    Live Wire 8/10 – Another rocker here, pretty simple rock song here.

    T.N.T. 15/10 – This is one of the very best songs ever written, not just by AC/DC, but any band in general. As you see I give it a very high rating. Give a listen and you’ll be hooked as well.

    Can I Sit Next To You Girl 10/10 – Good catchy number here. Very gritty vocals by Bon, adds flavor to the track.

    Little Lover 8/10 – This is my least favorite track on the album, thats all i’ll say.

    She’s Got Balls 9/10 – Good track just not a favorite of mine.

    High Voltage 10/10 – Awesome way to end the album, great rock ‘n’ roll songone listen and you’ll be hooked on High Voltage rock ‘n’ roll!!

    This is a very good debut from the best band ever, no disappointments here, and i’m sure if you listen you will most certainly agree. HAIL THUNDER!!!

    Posted on December 12, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Ac/Dc are a band unlike any other.In a world of change this band has stuck to it’s guns and has not changed no matter what the musical climate.Many critizize the band for this but I say it takes guts to believe in yourself that much that you don’t care what your peers are doing. Look at what happened in the late 90s when grunge overtook the world,it would have been so easy for Ac/Dc to water down their sound to fit in but they never did.Right to the end they played the same high energy music with screaming vocals and searing guitars played to a blues rhythm.Many have tried to imitate them but no one has succeded because blues music (which is what this is based in) can’t be taught or copied,it comes from the heart.Now,let me go on with the review of High Voltage in particular. This is one of the very best Ac/Dc CD’s ever recorded.Other than Highway To Hell,this is the best Bon Scott fronted CD’s ever.Every song is instantly memorable,and is also easy to sing along with.Starting with “It’s A Long Way To The Top” which is the perfect opening song for a rock band,to the amazingly catchy “Rock N Roll Singer” to one of the greatest sing a long songs ever “The Jack” basically there is not a single bad song in the bunch.TNT and Little Lover are my personal favorites from this CD but there honestly is not one bad song. Many people have put this band down because Angus didn’t play a million notes a second like Eddie Van Halen or Yngwie but Angus could say it all with 3 notes bent with feeling.Most guitar players out there don’t understand that.Angus is a master of feeling.Ac/Dc is all about making the listener “feel” the music,not just listen to it. Many have also given negative reviews to Bon’s vocals,sure he didn’t have the highest range but he had something even more special,he had a very distinctive voice,when you heard an Ad/Dc song you KNEW it was him singing…to a lesser degree Brian Johnson carried on that tradition with Back in Black and beyond…it is crucial for a singer to be distinctive and Bon’s voice fit PERFECTLY with this music. This is a true masterpiece,not just for all fans of hard rock and metal but for fans of rock and roll period,because while it does have it’s heavy moments it also has lots of rhythm and blues and a lot of soul.Absolutely you should buy this CD.

    The upside:A great CD,filled with catchy songs,the highlights are “Tnt” “Little Lover” “The jack” “High Voltage” “It’s A Long Way”,”Rock And Roll Singer”,and “Live Wire” (realizing I mentioned nearly every song,but that’s seriously how good this is)

    The downside:Ac/Dc never changes,for many this is a bad thing,you can ALWAYS know what to expect from them.You won’t ever find a disco song or a rap song or a country song on an Ac/Dc album.There are no surprises.However,in my book that’s a good thing.If you want great dancable rock and roll that you can sing along,you always know you can rely on Ac/Dc…aside from all the albums having the same style (which is good in my opinion) there are no downsides at all

    The bottom line:Good time rock and roll at it’s best.It won’t make you think too hard,it’s easy to remember and fun to sing along and dance to.You should run not walk to buy this,the donutman says so!!!

    Posted on December 12, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is definetly one of the best AC/DC albums. It is basically a compilation of the “best” songs from their first two Australian albums. Every song on here is excellent.

    1. It’s A Long Way To the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)-5/5. Simply one of the best rock songs ever. Heavy riffing, great Bon Scott vocals and a bagpipe solo. It actually fits the song very well. The best song on the album.
    2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer-4/5. Another great guitar riff with great Bon Scott vocals. AC/DC were always at their best when their songs were about the rock lifestyle.
    3. The Jack-5/5. Very bluesy, slow song about being with a woman who has an STD. As disgusting as it may sound, the lyrics actually describe it as a card game. Very witty. One of the best songs on here.
    4. Live Wire-4/5. A little slower and a lot less raw than the rest of the album. The lyrics and vocal delivery make up for the lack of raw power.
    5. T.N.T.-4/5. This song is pure attitude. Very heavy beat that keeps your head bobbing. Another great vocal performance from Bon Scott.
    6. Can I Sit Next To You Girl-4/5. Very upbeat with a bit of a dancy feel, in a rock ‘n’ roll way!! Cool, sexually charged lyrics. AC/DC are very good at this type of song.
    7. Little Lover-5/5. Another bluesy number with great guitar playing. Lyrically, it’s about spending a little “quality time” with an underage groupie. Great vocals from Scott.
    8. She’s Got Balls-4/5. This is probably my least favorite song on the album. It still has a classic title and excellent lyrics with a great vocal. A little less raw than the other songs.
    9. High Voltage-5/5. Another great raw energy and attitude track. Upbeat and exciting. Another excellent song with great rock ‘n’ roll lyrics and a great vocal delivery.

    This album is full of excellent songs where even the weaker ones are on par with the best of AC/DC’s 1980’s hits. Bon Scott had a vocal style and energy that, with all due respect, Brian Johnson just doesn’t have. This is one of their absolute best albums.

    Posted on December 11, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • “High Voltage” was one of the first albums I purchased when I was in Junior High School. I finally decided to replace my pop filled album copy with this newly minted remaster. It sounds great especially without all the pops from my album version. The US release of “High Voltage” was an eye opener in 1976 for the unknowing US buyers. The Young brothers unleashed their patented blues/boogie riffs on the unsuspecting stateside public still accustomed to singer-songwriters. The catchy riffs eventually became favorites of rockers everywhere. The album is actually a compilation of two albums issued earlier in their Australian homeland “High Voltage” and “TNT”. “High Voltage” also features original bass player Mark Evans along with long time drummer Phil Rudd. Bon Scott’s vocals provide a boozy swagger missing from the current version of the band fronted however admirably Brit screamer Brian Johnson. The set contains a number of classics like “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll)”, and “Live Wire”. My own personal favorites are the double-entendre filled “The Jack”, “TNT” with its “Oi! Oi! Oi!” chant and “High Voltage”. The other tracks are also interesting. This is one of their best albums especially from the period when Bon Scott was in the band. The new disk also contains a link to a website with more information about the making of the album, pictures, tour dates from their tour to promote “High Voltage” and other interesting items for fans of the band. My only regret other than the first song being edited is that no bonus tracks were included from either the original Australian release of “High Voltage” or “TNT” the other Australian only release that some of the tracks on the US version of “High Voltage” were taken. Some of these cuts are still not released in the United States. The remastered version also contains new expanded liner notes and photos including copies of the Australian covers of “High Voltage” and “TNT”. This is the album that started it all. The rest as they say is history. The Young brothers riffs carry the day along with the vocals of Scott. It is appropriate that this instantly recognizable band will be inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame.

    Posted on December 11, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now