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High Voltage

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  • Bon Scott is the true ACDC singer,and this is a great example.IT’s pure great rock that any ACDC fan would love.This sure as hell shows how much better Bon is than Brian Jhonson.

    It’s a long way to the top-Gives me a lot of energy when i listen to it.Good lyrics,rythm and just a great song-1010
    Rock n roll singer-Even better than the last song.The singing is awsome and of course the guitars are top notch.
    Jack- Never liked it.To dumb and dull-210
    live wire-What an amazing song.My fav on this album and mabee even my fav ACDC song.Has a fast tempo and a super cool solo.
    T.N.T-A classic ACDC song.Need i say more-1010
    Can i sit next to u girl-Not bad,but the best.Its pretty catchy but doesn’t compare to T.N.T,rock n roll singer or live wire;still good-810
    little lover-Boring.It drags on and on.It tells a story on how he met his girlfreind at his own concert before he was famous.Thats pretty interesting,but thr song still sucks-410
    she’s got balls-I feel the same about this one as little lover.-410
    High voltage-Great way to end the cd.About high voltage rock n roll,you can tell by just that that this song will be great-1010.

    Posted on March 17, 2010