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Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish

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  • If you’ve never experienced this bands music, this is were you should start. All the songs are very good and showcase what this band is all about. I could do however without the Pink Floyd cover at the end on the cd, but overall it’s a good listen. The texture and power of their music is excellent as it flows with ease. They are a heavy rock/metal band make no mistake about that, however they are very melodic in how they approach this task. If you like chick singers belting it out, keyboard style nuances/textures, power cords through Boogie stacks, bass and drums holding in all down/together and driving it forward, than this is a must listen. The first disc is strictly music and good music, mostly their hits so to speak. The second disc is live coverage and is a nice bonus. The liner notes are ample and include the lyrics. Overall a good beginners set or a set for someone trying to thin the cd heard a little. Like most Greatest Hits packages, some stuff is missing, however overall it’s a pretty decent package.

    Posted on March 7, 2010