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Highway to Hell

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  • Ignore the naysayers who criticize this album and AC/DC in general. AC/DC is one of the greatest bands in rock history. Whether you consider them blues-rock, hard rock, heavy metal, or just down-to-earth rock ‘n’ roll, they do it great. Don’t believe me? Look at all the albums they’ve sold and their tremendous fan base.
    Anyway, back to the review…
    Even though I wasn’t born in the ’70s, it was a great time for music. Bands like Led Zeppelin, KISS, Aerosmith, Queen, Rush, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult etc. etc. etc., were achieving great success and producing great albums. AC/DC was no acception.
    Although such early albums like “High Voltage” and “Let There Be Rock” were hard-rockin’ classics, AC/DC was never really considered a “commercial” success. And by that, I DO NOT mean a sell-out band. I just mean that their records didn’t sell as well as some other bands. However, that all changed with “Highway To Hell”. I read that as of May ‘06, “Highway…” sold more than 7 million copies. More than that, Highway To Hell was a statement. If the ’70s were closing out, they were closing out with a bang.

    “Highway To Hell” 10/10: Absolutely killer song! The heavy guitar, especially in the solo section, and the groovy, pounding drums partner with the anthemic lyrics. Great rocker with a great hook. This is the type of song that everybody can like. My mom even loves this song whenever she hears it on the radio!
    “Girl’s Got Rhythm” 10/10: Terrific follow-up to the title track. Fantastic, blues riff and great chorus. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was released as a single.
    “Walk All Over You” 10/10: This five-minute headbanger shows AC/DC’s maturity as songwriters. Love the progressive intro and the fast riff and drumbeat show just how hard these guys can rock. Awesome solos and great ending, THIS is a great song.
    “Touch Too Much” 10/10: Very cool song with a catchy chorus and some hard-rockin’ guitars/drum combo. I just love it when Bon Scott sings “She’s got the body of Venus with arms.”.
    “Beating Around The Bush” 10/10: SPECTACULAR!!! I love this song, in fact, it’s ones of my favorites on the album. The lyrics are funny and do a great job accompanying the rhythm that boasts a killer guitar riff.
    “Shot Down In Flames” 8/10: Very good opener to the B-side of the album. Like I said, there are no weak tracks, but this one doesn’t stand out as much as some tracks from the first half of the disc.
    “Get It Hot” 10/10: Probably the first AC/DC song I know that’s only two and a half minutes, but definitely NOT filler. The riff is simple, but catchy, and this would serve as a great song to dance to.
    “If You Want Blood (You Got It)” 9/10: Another catchy one that just seems to be an awesome track to listen to while driving down the highway, for some reason or another.
    “Love Hungry Man” 9/10: Once again, the lyrics really accompany the rhythm, and this is a great track about a common rock and roll topic… basically, finding a great woman by love at first sight. It’s been done before, but this is something of a stand-out.
    “Night Prowler” 10/10: Slower, almost epic song and an interesting way to close out the album. Although it’s kinda dark, I heard somewhere it pokes fun at something or another. I don’t really know what, but this song is, kinda obviously, something to listen to at night. Right at the end, Bon Scott quotes Mork and Mindy by saying, “Shazbot! Nanu nanu!” This was rumored to be the last take ever recorded by Scott, and the creepy thing about it is how “Shazbot! Nanu! Nanu!”, was a way Mork used to end transmissions with his home planet with.

    Anyway, “Highway To Hell” is a classic rock album that should be in everybody’s collection, especially if you love ’70s music, hard rock, blues-based stuff, and of course, AC/DC! Rock on!

    Posted on March 6, 2010