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  • This album really should not be as good as it is. Basically it is womwhat of a greatest hits album, except that the songs were rerecorded and in some cases rearranged. Most bands who attempt this don’t produce anything memorable. Anathema, on the other hand, are such immense songwriters but didn’t necessarily always put their work in the best light. The original recording of Angelica for instance, was poorly recorded at a time when Cavanagh really had not found his singing voice yet (he made a drastic improvement between “Eternity” and “Alternative 4″), here this gorgeaous song is finally done justice. This album works because the songs are all extraordinarily strong. They are not simply good, many of them could be called great, and I would only say this about very few songs that I like. Anathema’s songs have a classic, timeless beauty to them. By picking some of their strongest works and recording them in a way that makes them flow together seamlessly, Anathema have produced what could possibly be considered their best album. I would highly receommend this to anyone, and if I had to introduce this band to someone this would definitely be the best starting point (unless that person is a doom metal fan of course).

    Posted on December 11, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now