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  • Flashback 1988. Those were the good ol’ days of Rock n’ Roll. Poison’s “Hollyweird” is a throwback to those good ol’ days. They stay true to their sound here, not following any current trends or fads, thank god! The production is rather raw sounding as well – not too polished or over produced. Some may like this, others may not. I do like it. More of a live feel to it and what you will here when seeing them live, I believe. The title track is an instant Poison classic and would fit nicely on “Open Up and Say Ahh..” or “Flesh and Blood” as most of this recod would. “Squeeze Box” (first single) is a Poisonized version of The Who classic. “Shooting Star” could be Fallen Angel – Part 2. The next couple are kinda cheesy lyric wise by have the typical Poison sound musically. Still very catchy and quite listenable. C.C. has lead vocal duties on three tracks and are the only songs on here that really vary from that familiar Poison sound. The record finishes very strong, with some of “Hollyweird”’s best material here at the end. “Devil Woman” and “Wasteland” are two of the best songs Poison has recorded to date with great solos by C.C. and Bret on harmonica. “Stupid, Stoned & Dumb” is very creative and another highlight. “Home”, both Bret’s and C.C’s versions are hilarious! I love ‘em! And the bonus song “Rockstar” gets it’s official release here. Yet another instant Poison classic. I love this record. Great guitar work by C.C. throughout! Will it go platinum? Unfortunately, probably not, but it’s true Poison through and through. If your a fan of their first three releases this one is definitely for you. Recommended.

    Posted on February 1, 2010