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  • I’ll make it simple, the original 4 back at it again!! Lead-off track Hollyweird (“just call me pimp daddy, I’ll roll ya one big fatty”) gets the CD off to a great start!! Next Squeeze Box again Poison does justice to another cover tune! Wishful Thinkin and Shooting Star both cool tunes, cool hooks in ‘em, wish they would of played Shooting Star Live, hopefully they will in ‘03. Get Ya some is well you know what its about, its Poison being themselves, it’d be a nice tune live also!! Emperor’s New Clothes, personally one of my faves, C.C. has his own style, plus this is much better than his SaMantha 7 outfit! Next, Devil Woman and Wasteland, stand-out tracks by far the best on the album. Bret and the gang wail on Devil Woman, harmonica and all; Wasteland, turn it up and hit the road on your HOG! Livin in the know wasn’t crazy about it but C.C.’s style is unique. Stupid, Stoned and Dumb, hmm well this POISON, gang vocals make you wanna sing along and believe me child I do!! HOME- Bret and C.C.’s Stories love the concept, I personally like Brets version better, actually it is better also Bret mentions the Late Dave Williams from Drowning Pool, who would of imagine he wouldn’t be with us now. R.I.P. Dave. Last but not least, OK first off I could of wrote the lyrics to Rockstar but I didn’t and thats the point. This song kicks A$$ Live! Definitely 2 thumbs up live, great riff, great hook, and catchy as hell!! Poison is back so purchase this album Hey I own 3(1 for the house, 1 for the car, 1 for the van) Poison rocks and also buy Bret’s Songs of Life, he’s at his best. great website lots of info

    Posted on February 1, 2010