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  • I know many people expected something better than this from Poison, hearing CC was back in the band. To much of Poison’s fan base, this was their long awaited reunion album. And to much of their disappointment, it was loaded with clich├ęs and rehashes. For instance, “Shooting Star” and “Wishful Thinkin’” sound like Fallen Angel rewrites. There was one Fallen Angel, and that was great. But does there need to be 2 more, that aren’t as good? Also, “Wasteland” vaguely represents “Ride the Wind”, “Get Ya Some” reminds me of “Unskinny Bop, and “Devil Woman” has some of the same progressions as “Nothin But A Good Time”. While saying that, Hollyweird isn’t all bad. Even though most of these songs are things we have already heard before, it is still a decent album. It does include some catchy, interesting songs like “Hollyweird”, “Stupid Stoned and Dumb”, and the 2 “Home” songs. This album combines the 80s Poison with a more raw , modern sound. The songs are not as catchy as some Poison songs, but once you’ve heard them a few times, they become so. You might not love the songs right away, but they really do have a growing appeal. The more I listened to these songs on Hollyweird, the more I loved them. They are good, straight up, hard rockin’ tunes. I still enjoy listening to this album time after time, and I’ll never get tired of it. I like every song on here, and can appreciate this disc for what it is.

    Posted on February 1, 2010