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Holographic Universe

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  • Holographic Universe is absolutely incredible. The longer of the spotlight reviews really hit it on the head. Good lord the title track is amazing.

    Everything you’ve heard is absolutely true. There is clean singing, but there is still plenty of roaring, and for the life of me I don’t think there are really any singers in This genre (gothenburg melodic death) that can presently touch him. Christian is totally on top of this. The guitars, drums, overall production is just so well done that, even though if it may take a second to really grasp everything that is going on, you HAVE to listen.

    I can see where some of the people get bent out of shape over the lighter side of the singing, but quite honestly, it just fits.

    This album is a natural progession over Pitch Black Progress. HUGE in scope, and incredibly complex. Some of the songs are a bit long, but yeah, I’ve been listenning to the title track on repeat on the way to work (it clocks at over 9 minutes) and I really just don’t care, it’s that good.

    Opeth, another exceptional group, is one of the few other bands that can hold my attention sustained for that long (don’t compare the two bands though, they are different in too many ways) despite some longer tracks.

    One of the reasons this album works so well it is one of the first I have heard that I thought right off the bat, just about anyone can get into this. This band is on the verge of making the heavy and generally acceptable to the heavy fearing one and the same.

    Holographic Universe KILLS.

    Timewave Zero
    Quantum Leaper
    Ghost Prototype 1 (think modern power metal and you’ll be fine)
    Prism and Gate

    Posted on February 8, 2010