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  • The new Scar Symmetry album is finally here…
    This album is great from start to finish. It is everything you would want in a melodic death metal album. Catchy hooks and vocals. you’ll have these chorus’s stuck in your head for days. Brutal riffs over pounding tricky time signiture double bass drum playing. Great melodic Guitar melodies and leads with some of the best guitar solo’s to come arround so far this year. Per Nilsson is simply a jaw dropping guitarist.
    The song writing is stronger than ever, and scar symmetry have really crafted their own sound on this album. They pushed their Progressive side a bit further on this album. which i think was a good move. The vocals are amazing. Christian is one of my favorite vocalists. He does everything from deep growling, to screeching, to clean melodic vocals to almost power metal sounding vocals. A extremely talented singer.

    All in All you got one of the finest metal albums to come out in a long time. i recommend to all metal fans out there!

    for fans of Edge of Sanity, Dan Swano, Soilwork, symphony x, and opeth. if you like those bands you will most likely like scar symmetry.

    Posted on February 8, 2010