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Holy Land/Angels Cry

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  • OK, I’ve reviewed both these albums individually and am not going to write the same two reviews here. Instead I’m just going to say that on their own I gave each of these albums four stars and so to be able to get them both as a mid priced package is just awesome.

    Sometimes these sort of compilations are money grabs by record companies but in this case it’s just a brilliant opportunity. The genre Angra plays is melodic power metal, particularly on disc 1 which is the album Angels Cry. They had some progressive twinges and those really exploded into fruition on the second disc of this set, the ablum Holy Land.

    This is the perfect opportunity to explore this bands early years, get two of their three full length studio albums and is should also be noted that two of their EP’s – those being Freedom Call and Unholy Live were also released as a ‘double team’ in some territories just like this package so the lucky punter could perhaps get pretty much the whole early Angra story (excepting Fireworks) with just two purchases. Great stuff and well worth your money – and I’d direct you to peruse the reviews written about these two albums on their individual listings for more specific info. Hopefully it will help you make up your mind whether to explore a new band.

    And for fans who arrived later on in the Angra story this is a great way to fill the gap in your collection.

    Posted on March 11, 2010