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  • As if any Gathering fan needed to know, after hearing Home there’s no doubt that it’s seriously in the running for CD of the year. Anneke once again proves she has one of the most beautiful voices in music today and the rest of the band keeps their, now trademark, sound going perfectly, bridging the gap between Souvenirs and Home as if there was never even a wait.

    You’ll notice quite quickly that, while Home is still highly experimental, it’s not quite as experimental as How To Measure A Planet? or Souvenirs. There’s more of a straight-forward feel to this record than previous ones, but in no way is that a bad thing. The songs tend to revolve around the lyrics and vocals a little more than they used to while still keeping that Gathering feel that each CD has had. The Gathering haven’t made their music mainstream, they haven’t dumbed it down, they’ve remained true to themselves and put out a CD that is nothing short of stellar.

    Anneke has a way with words, past releases have been ambitious but sometimes didn’t make complete sense. Souvenirs corrected that problem somewhat, but now with Home that problem is gone. The lyrics are personal, honest, everything that makes music what it is. As for the band, they’ve always been one of my favorites but this time around they’ve solidified themselves as my personal favorite. The beats are so layered that at times it can be almost overwhelming. It’s safe to say that these songs will sound amazing live as well.

    My favorite songs are Shortest Day, Alone, Forgotten, Solace, and Box. Any Gathering fan is sure to love this CD, but also it’s highly expected that The Gathering will gain more than a few new fans with this release. If you expect great things from Home, I can guarantee that those expectations will be met ten-fold. Home will remind you of why you like The Gathering to begin with, not to mention that it’s always refreshing to see a band not give in to the pressure of fitting in.

    Posted on January 27, 2010