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  • Another highly interesting album from a highly interesting band, The Gathering returns after a brief break and offers “HOME” this stuning piece of works continues the path started in “Souvenirs” only a little more oriented into strings than into keyboards and sintethizers as the last release, heavyness have been left behind for more experimentation in ambiental sounds , ethereal scenarios and reflexive lyrics almost in a contemporary art form that fits in the current decade and marks this time identity, the album opens with “shortest day” wich i had the oportunity this year to appreciate live in my city Guadalajara weeks before the release, awesome concert, they sound amazing live and see them was quite an experience, besides vocalist Anneke charm is deligthfull (weeks before i saw U2 in Mexico City and i must say i enjoyed maybe more The Gathering), the second cut is “In between” my favorite of this album, “Forgoten” is a sea of tranquility, “Fatigue” is a colorfull track and “your troubles are over” full of percussions marks the climax of this release. We have “The Gathering” for many years more and this is great!!!!!!!


    Posted on January 27, 2010