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Honour Valour Pride

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  • I was about to walk away from a store with a Jazz cd, but I decided to wander over to the Metal section. Finding a new Bolt Thrower album proved too tempting, and I changed my mind. With BT, I have not escaped the “first-listen” syndrome (the notion that whatever album you listen to first, remains your favorite). I still think “The IVth Crusade” is their best, but this one shows they still got it. This band has for the most part stuck with a certain style of which they are the absolute masters. Grinding, churning, groove-heavy with ominous, menacing melodies. The new vocalist definitely adds to the menacing factor – his delivery is a lot raspier and growling than Karl’s. The mere fact that BT is still around making music of this caliber, showing an unrelenting adherence to their convictions is worthy of praise and respect. Long live Bolt Thrower!!

    Posted on November 15, 2009