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Asian edition of 2001 debut album from the California bred alternative rock outfit includes one bonus track, ’The Critic’. 13 tracks. Mercury.The XXX-rated quartet Hoobastank arrives on this self-titled major-label debut as a nu-metal Weezer, though without anything as cheekily subversive as ”Hash Pipe.” The similarities lie more in Hoobastank’s tight playing and vocal harmonies than in the overblown post-teen lyrics. In track after track, singer Douglas Robb is in crisis; whether he’s intoning or yelp-rapping his words, they are never as articulate as the emergency-siren guitar of the punkish ”Pieces.” Even the grateful love song ”Let You Know” is weighed down by an expectation of times ”when I’m feeling like everything and -one is hurting me for something or other.” Dude, get yourself a Popsicle. The album’s 12-song sequence moves inexorably toward clich├ęd Limp Bizkit guitar riffs and one true change of pace, the spacy, Deftones-like ”To Be with You.” Unfortunately, its lyric is nothing more than a sensitive-guy attempt to convince a girl to ”give in.” Sweet. –Rickey Wright

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  • Hoobastank:Dan – Guitar Doug – Vocals Chris – Drums Markku – Bass i just got this album about less than a week ago, i heard most of the album online as Hoobastank has it on there site. I was pretty impressed. It took me only 3 songs, before i went out to buy it. BUT.. i couldn’t find it at hmv and tower. They said there was no such band at all, and once again, the most famous line, ‘Hobawho?’ appeared! But i finnaly got it the next day.Hoobastank (originally called Hoobustank) displays a range of music. From a slow, meldolic song like ‘Running Away’ (A track which was done acoustic at the band’s album relase party with Ed Kowalczyk of Live) and ‘To Be With You’ to something more faster and hearvier like ‘Crawling In The Dark’ and ‘Pieces’. Every song is well crafted, and lyrics true to the heart, and with amzing vocals, guitar riffs and drum loops. Douglas Robb, has a amazing voice as most of the review’s have said, and also comparable to Bradon Boyd (Incubus). But a true Incubus fan would know, that they aren’t the same. I acutally couldn’t tell the similarities of Doug’s voice in ‘Crawling In The Dark’, but i could a bit in ‘Running Away’, ‘To Be With You’ and ‘Let You Know’. Both bands are very talanted, and both from SoCal. But if you like genarilizing things, you could say Hoobastank is Incubus without the DJ. I really think this band is going to become super huge. Watch out for them, and looking at them perform in the video, looks like their live concerts are amazing. A lot of energy. This is a must buy album. It worth every single penny. Especially if you are a fan of bands who play a wide range of music.

    Posted on February 23, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I had heard lots about this band called Hoobastank. My friends urged me to buy the CD, so I did. I just finished listening to it for the first time, and am already listening a second time. All the tracks can be played in entirety, and can be repeated. Crawling in The Dark is definitly my favorite song, but the lyrics on Let You Know is a good song for you guys to dedicate to a girl. If I were to rate the songs 1-10 (see bottom), no song would be below a 9. You may think you don’t like a song, but you just keep listening and grow on it. They have a unique sound, one that reminds me of a metal version of Incubus. Any band somewhat sounding like Incubus must be good. This is probably one of the better nu-metal bands out there today. Here is my track rating:Crawling in The Dark: 10 (The best song on this album)Remember Me: 10Running Away: 10 (Probably the 2nd best on the CD)Pieces: 9Let You Know: 9 (YOU MUST FOCUS ON THE LYRICS TO TRULY LIKE IT)Better: 9Ready For You: 9.5Up & Gone: 10Too Little Too Late: 10Hello Again: 10To Be With You: 9Give it Back: 9This is truly a great CD with one disadvantage….it’s only 39 minutes long.

    Posted on February 23, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Hoobastank–despite the rather unappealing name–has a good chance of being very big. They are hard, heavy, fast, but also quite melodic, with excellent singing (and occasional screaming) by lead vocalist Douglas Robb. He and guitarist Dan Estrin are the primary songwriters, but bassist Marku Lappalainen does contribute to some songs. The drumming of Chris Hesse is tight, and even funky at times. Hoobastank are both accessible and heavy, and those are good ingredients right there. They just need to start branching out a bit further on their second album. This is a band that is young, hungry, and things are really beginning to happen for them. Already their self-titled debut has gone platinum plus, largely on the popularity of the extremely catchy first single “Crawling In The Dark.” I love this song! Its lyrics are fresh and honest, and the music alternates between mid-tempo and fast. So, after buying this CD as part of a package deal, I’ve finally gotten the chance to sit down & listen to the rest of it. The Verdict: It is a solidly good CD that packs a strong punch on several tunes, but offers very few surprises.One of these surpises is the CD’s length–or lack of it. Although it sports 12 tracks, HOOBASTANK is only about 39 1/2 minutes long. This means that the songs get to the point real quick, so the CD doesn’t become boring; it’s just that many of the songs do sound kind of the same after a while. “Crawling In The Dark” is still the best and most distinctive song on here, but I don’t think that Hoobastank will join the ranks of one-hit wonders. I like “Let You Know” with its funky vibe and solid harmonies. The real surprise is “Ready For You” which sounds very much like Blink-182 on the verses. It’s real catchy, and I suspect that this will be released as the second single. The band storms right into the heavy, thrashy “Up And Gone” which reminds me of early Incubus. “To Be With You” is the one slow, mellow song, and it’s sensitive without being too sappy. But then the ’stank roar back with their closer, “Give It Back.” This is a fast, furious, heavy track in which lead singer Douglas Robb alternates between singing, screaming, and even rapping a la Fred Durst. It’s really cool, except for the weirdness at the very end, which sounds like the band’s either making fun of potential critics, or themselves. Whatever the case, this CD is a good start from which to build Hoobastank’s career.Just a final note: Hoobastank may be compared with certain bands (probably the closest comparison is with Incubus, although there’s definitely no plagiarism here), but they sure don’t look like other bands. I like the band’s diversity: Douglas Robb is half-Japanese, Marku Lappalainen is Finnish, and Chris Hesse is German. Hoobastank can’t be accused of being a cookie-cutter rock band; instead, they sure are a talented one–and they do rock hard! RECOMMENDED

    Posted on February 23, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • It’s not that I’m angry that he doesn’t like Hoobastank, it’s that he lacks professionalism. You don’t rip an album to shreads — you list good and both bad things and let the reader decide whether or not it’s worth the purchase — especially for a debut CD, you moron. Get a new job. This album is a colossal major debut with strong vocals and simple music to back it up — simplicity can be good — why should you have to go all out and technical when you can produce something just as great [if not greater] by keeping it minimal? Hoobastank is one of those bands that proves it. See them live when you can, they will make you respect them even more.

    Posted on February 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Despite that the lead singer looks and sounds like Brandon Boyd, and the other guy looks like Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, These guys can rack out some tunes. I ran across Hoobastank while downloading to my MP3 player, The first song I downloaded was Up and Gone. That song was great so I kept downloading thier songs until I bought thier CD. They’re great and has very little similarities to Incubus. Now time to dissect the CD.1. Crawling in the Dark- the first single from the band, the song switches tempo on the chorus part. Pretty good.2.Remember Me- arguably one of the best songs on the CD, little metal influence. 3.Running Away- one of the Incubus sounding songs, starts off with an acoustic guitar and kicks with soaring vocals.4. Pieces- a fast paced song, one of the weaker songs cuz’ no intellectual lyrics.5. Let You Know- another one of Incubus sounds, rocking with bass all through the song. very good lyrics on this song.6.Better- Apperently he found out what better was, He finds himself asking all of these rethorical questions.7. Ready for You. A strong point on this CD, Soaring guitars, vocals and outstanding lyrics. What more could you ask for?8. Up and Gone- My personal fave, I bump this song in my truck all of the time, It has BASS whew!9. Too little too late-on this song I found that they were just finding out where they stand music wise. This may very well be the second single, and this may very well be the Hooba sound. I like it three layers of vocals layed on this song. Good catchy hook.10. Hello Again- Pretty tight knit song. A fun to listen to song.11.To be with you- a slower paced song but solid somewhat emotional. I dont know why, but everytime I hear this song I think of Radioheads “Knives Out”, maybe because of the sad sounding guitars.12. Give it back- Rock and Roll intro and different sounding vocals.As you can see, If you really have an ear for music, You can distinguish the difference between Incubus and Hoobastank. They are soooo worth a chance.

    Posted on February 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now