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  • Despite that the lead singer looks and sounds like Brandon Boyd, and the other guy looks like Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, These guys can rack out some tunes. I ran across Hoobastank while downloading to my MP3 player, The first song I downloaded was Up and Gone. That song was great so I kept downloading thier songs until I bought thier CD. They’re great and has very little similarities to Incubus. Now time to dissect the CD.1. Crawling in the Dark- the first single from the band, the song switches tempo on the chorus part. Pretty good.2.Remember Me- arguably one of the best songs on the CD, little metal influence. 3.Running Away- one of the Incubus sounding songs, starts off with an acoustic guitar and kicks with soaring vocals.4. Pieces- a fast paced song, one of the weaker songs cuz’ no intellectual lyrics.5. Let You Know- another one of Incubus sounds, rocking with bass all through the song. very good lyrics on this song.6.Better- Apperently he found out what better was, He finds himself asking all of these rethorical questions.7. Ready for You. A strong point on this CD, Soaring guitars, vocals and outstanding lyrics. What more could you ask for?8. Up and Gone- My personal fave, I bump this song in my truck all of the time, It has BASS whew!9. Too little too late-on this song I found that they were just finding out where they stand music wise. This may very well be the second single, and this may very well be the Hooba sound. I like it three layers of vocals layed on this song. Good catchy hook.10. Hello Again- Pretty tight knit song. A fun to listen to song.11.To be with you- a slower paced song but solid somewhat emotional. I dont know why, but everytime I hear this song I think of Radioheads “Knives Out”, maybe because of the sad sounding guitars.12. Give it back- Rock and Roll intro and different sounding vocals.As you can see, If you really have an ear for music, You can distinguish the difference between Incubus and Hoobastank. They are soooo worth a chance.

    Posted on February 22, 2010