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  • I had heard lots about this band called Hoobastank. My friends urged me to buy the CD, so I did. I just finished listening to it for the first time, and am already listening a second time. All the tracks can be played in entirety, and can be repeated. Crawling in The Dark is definitly my favorite song, but the lyrics on Let You Know is a good song for you guys to dedicate to a girl. If I were to rate the songs 1-10 (see bottom), no song would be below a 9. You may think you don’t like a song, but you just keep listening and grow on it. They have a unique sound, one that reminds me of a metal version of Incubus. Any band somewhat sounding like Incubus must be good. This is probably one of the better nu-metal bands out there today. Here is my track rating:Crawling in The Dark: 10 (The best song on this album)Remember Me: 10Running Away: 10 (Probably the 2nd best on the CD)Pieces: 9Let You Know: 9 (YOU MUST FOCUS ON THE LYRICS TO TRULY LIKE IT)Better: 9Ready For You: 9.5Up & Gone: 10Too Little Too Late: 10Hello Again: 10To Be With You: 9Give it Back: 9This is truly a great CD with one disadvantage….it’s only 39 minutes long.

    Posted on February 23, 2010