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  • This is not the best Great White CD in the long line of great Great White CD’s, but it does have the most diverse bunch of songs. Let’s see, I bought this on the day it was released in 1991. I was 15 and looking for Twice Shy part 2. It wasn’t. Let me explain. Here are the songs and what my opinion is on them
    1. Call it Rock & Roll 9/10, This was Once Bitten part 2. The first single and a damn good song. At the time I thought it was the best song on the record.
    2. The Original Queen of Sheba 9/10, A great Bluesy rocker. Mark Kendell rips on this tune. Man, If I could play like that
    3. Cold Hearted Lovin’ 6/10, Low point of the album. Just a rather boring song, Jack’s Voice gives the tune a lot of Emotion
    4. Can’t Shake It 8/10, A song that goes back to pre Once Bitten styles. A true rocker that sounds great today
    5. Lovin’Kind 10/10, Great White shows that they are not just a hard rock/metal blues band. This song is oozing with emotion that only Jack and the boys can deliver
    6. Heartbreaker 8/10 not a Led Zeppelin cover just a real good rock/blues song
    7. Congo Square 8/10 A song that might ask the Question Why did this band ever get grouped in with bands like Poison? It sounds nothing like it Must be the hair
    8. South bay Cites 9/10 Intro sounds like it could be on Sesame Street, but you’ll find yourself singing along to a great laid back number
    9. Desert Moon 10/10 I know that this was the opening number of the show where a lot of fans saw the band for the last time. It is one tragady that will have me asking why for a long time.
    10. Afterglow 10/10 For someone that can only listen to a song maybe 2 times in a row, this I can do about 5 times. As long as I can sing a long
    I hope this review will make you spend the $1.50 (amazon average price used) and get yourself a true classic.

    Posted on December 8, 2009