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Hordes Of Chaos (Ltd. Ed. CD/DVD)

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  • If you’re reading this, you’re a Kreator fan. If you’re a Kreator fan you most likely enjoyed their last release “Enemy of God” and classics like “Coma of Souls” and “Terrible Certainty.” If you like those, you’ll like “Hordes of Chaos.”
    This is traditional thrash metal, from a band that was there in the beginning. The fact that this CD was recorded as a band, and not one track at a time comes through as a more raw, powerful sound.
    Mille’s voice is the same and the riffs are all killer.
    As for the DVD, it’s pretty cool. Nothing ground-breaking, but it gives you a snippet (the “making of…” DVD is about 20 minutes long) of what the band is like behind the music. The end of the DVD is, however, the coolest…. but that’s cause an internet posting I made on [..]about the band is shown. How sweet is that!
    Again, if you like Kreator…. buy this!

    Posted on November 11, 2009